Parties and birthdays

The best birthdays are where is the fun!

Parties and birthdays

You can get everything you need for a special day in one place, your age doesn't matter because Bowling is fun for ALL GENERATIONS. Along with food and drinks, our Bowling Center offers plenty of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends. We specially adapted the program for all ages, and with a short professional education, we brought bowling for children to perfection. We have designed birthday packages so that you feel comfortable and have a great time with family and friends in a mini-competition. Jumanji Bowling Center guarantees you an unforgettable time, and in addition to all that, we also offer many discounts depending on the number of lanes you want and your needs.


  • Invitation cards with map
  • Possibility of bringing a birthday cake (declaration is a must for the cake and provide disposable plates and forks)
  • Family pizzza (6 slices)
  • Multiple tastes of pancakes
  • As well as all other food and drinks from the pizzeria


Dear parents, for the sake of better organization, the following conditions apply

  • You should arrive on your birthday 10 minutes before the appointment
  • 5 children are the maximum per lane, if more children come than the expected number, the staff of the bowling alley will include an additional lane according to the number of children. I
  • A previously agreed and confirmed appointment can be canceled with a full refund of the deposit 10 days before the appointment (thanks for your understanding) 
  • Children under the age of 12, as well as people with special needs, can stay in the bowling alley only when accompanied by a parent/guardian/teacher, who actively watches over them so that they can enjoy their safe stay just like other players/guests.
  • The requirement is a minimum of 2 lanes of 2 hours each
  • It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks
  • The users of the Jumanji Bowling Center are obliged to treat the building, inventory, and other property with respect, otherwise, all possible damage caused by gross negligence of the user will be borne by the parent of the birthday children.
  • Jumanji Bowling Center is not responsible for injuries that may be caused by the child's own reckless behavior, as well as for injuries that children may cause to each other.
  • Jumanji Bowling Center reserves the right to ask anyone who does not comply with the rules of behavior to leave the bowling alley, as well as in the event that a child's behavior is extremely disturbing or threatens the safety of other children.



  • Work days 
  • 16-19h  1100 rsd / h
  • 19-23h  1200 rsd / h
  • Saturday
  • 16-23h 1400 rsd / h
  • Sunday
  • 16-19h 1400 rsd / h
  • 19-23h 1200 rsd /h

Food and drinks

  • Family pizza with ham 50cm 1550 rsd
  • Family pizza with mushrooms  50 cm 1650 rsd
  • Pancakes with eurokrem 170/320 rsd
  • Pancakes with nutela and plazma 200/370 rsd
  • Coca cola program carbonated drinks 230 rsd
  • Heineken draft beer 0.25/0.5   250/340 rsd